Driving Instruction

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Driving Instruction

Behind-the-Wheel Driving Instruction:

  • Training in safety-equipped late model vehicles

During driving instruction, the student will practice skills needed to pass the road test, skills to be a defensive driver, skills to successfully recover a car which has veered onto the shoulder (one of the common ways teens die in accidents), skills needed to navigate interstate on and off ramps, and experience driving on the interstate (for students who have reached this level of competency).  Our instructors never do anything to make students feel uncomfortable, and are all professional driving instructors.

  • 10% Insurance discount upon completion

Upon completion of the classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction, the student will receive a certificate which qualifies for a 10% insurance discount. The student will also receive the PDLA form which is required for 15 and 16 year-olds to show they have completed driver education.